About Better Together

Better Together is a For Purpose association of independent workers in the Colorado Front Range.


Better Together exists to improve the quality of life for independent workers and their communities.


We envision a world where each of us enjoys the freedom of working for ourselves and the power of working together.

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1

We provide brave, accessible spaces where workers can regularly connect, grow, and share their knowledge.

Objective 1.1

Regular monthly gatherings in person at partner venues create a rhythm the community can count on.

Objective 1.2

Regular conference video programming provides accessible learning and sharing environments.

Goal 2

We maintain platforms that connects workers with each other and paying gigs.

Objective 2.1

A high quality free online directory creates an on ramp for membership and connections with collaborators and gigs.

Objective 2.2

A thoughtfully maintained Slack team provides online space for members to connect and collaborate.

Goal 3

We create win-win-win partnerships with purpose aligned organizations that benefit members, the community, and the partner.

Objective 3.1

Partnerships with service providers who provide discounts to membership and affiliate links.

Objective 3.2

Profit sharing partnerships with venues create stronger bonds and mutual investment in success.

Objective 3.3

Generous sharing with purpose aligned groups builds trust and mutual benefit.

Goal 4

Members commit their expert time to help run Better Together and move towards cooperative ownership.

Objective 4.1

Asking members to pay monthly dues and provide (time) labor builds a sense of shared stewardship for the community.

Objective 4.2

Operating Better Together in a transparent and well documented way allows members greater opportunity to collaborate.

Our Story

In 2018 Drew Hornbein co-hosted an event at Denver Startup Week called Better Together: How Freelancers Can Win. Over 125 people came to this event and made it very clear that there was a community of freelancers, contractors, hustlers, and small business owners who were looking for a community. Drew took that energy and organized it into what would later become Better Together.

Since then Better Together has put on over 18 events including Freelance Business Week Denver, a 5 day long series of sessions with over 70+ speakers, 20+ sponsors, and 200+ attendees.

About the Founder

Drew Hornbein is a NYC transplant who has been freelancing as a web developer for over 15 years. He has a passion for creating community, connecting people, and experimenting with radical new forms of organizations.

Drew Hornbein speaking at Freelance Business Week 2019