Developer Diary Feb 2020

It’s been a while since my last diary. At the time of my last entry I was moving into a new apartment in Sunnyside, now I’m in my final months there. Since then Freelance Business Week has ended and the 2020 programming schedule has started. There are over 10 founding members and hopefully more on the way.

I’m pushing into a great big edge of mine: abundance. Over the past week I’ve found out that my long distance girlfriend (who’s coming to live here for 3 months in April) didn’t get a loan she was relying on. Suddenly I’m thrust into a place of needing to make enough money for both of us to live on. Which means I’m thrust into a place of needing to accept and pull in the available abundance around me.

I don’t know about you, but I find that very challenging! I resist making money (for some reason). Right now I’ve got people asking me how to join Better Together, I’ve finished illustrating a Tarot deck that people want to buy, and I’ve got 15 years of web development experience I can leverage. I really  shouldn’t be scraping by and now I can’t anymore. It’s time to make bold asks and step into abundance!

Moving towards abundance is the theme for Better Together right now. A new website is up and is a platform for generating abundance. I went with WordPress because I know it well and it has a lot of power that it can bring to bear. Beyond the website are the regular events. Starting in February I’ve been hosting both online and in-person events on a regular schedule.

This is the Better Together “programming”. Having these events happening at regular predictable intervals helps me organize them.

I am building Better Together into a platform that promotes people from the community in ways that helps them build an audience and creates great content both they and Better Together can use.

With this stream of content I am able to create more social media posts which I’ve been working hard on. I’m using to schedule posts. Mainly focusing on Instagram (up to 73 followers in the past few weeks).

The resource library is down and will have to be re-created for the new site. The directory also needs to be ported over from it’s beta version. These are fairly major undertakings for me while I’m also doing all these other things.

I’m going to have to make bold asks

To move into abundance I’ll have to make some bold asks. I’m going to be asking the community for more support, members for their time commitment, and folks to join or support.

Right now I’m doing it all, configuring events, writing blog/email/social posts, editing video, hosting online events, hosting in-person events… all as a volunteer! It’s not sustainable.

Membership Drive

I’m preparing a membership drive. I’m sketching out a membership system now, something that is sliding scale. For now I’m sticking with the Founding Member program until the membership V1.0 is complete.

The theme of this membership drive is “growing at the speed of trust”. The target will be people I know, who trust this organization, who are into the idea, and who can/want to invest.

More members means more funds and more time commitments from people. Meaning I can work less IN the business and more ON it.


The real revenue stream for Better Together will, I believe, be partnerships. has already given over $3k in food last year (read more about last year here). I believe that as our membership grows we can leverage our attention to create some wonderful win-win-win relationships.

I’ve put together a sponsorship package that outlines ways folks can support Better Together.

I’ll be pushing this out in my network in the coming weeks, trying to negotiate those big fish. My hope is that someone in the community likes doing this sort of thing and wants to reach out to folks.

As the membership and partnerships begin to grow I hope that Better Together will start to bring in enough profit that I can feel more balanced in my investment of time.

Until next time!

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