No Stupid Questions – First Episode! Managing Subcontractors & naming your business

We had a small group for the first episode of No Stupid Questions. Christie introduced herself and the guests. Then we got to talking about tips for managing subcontractors and how we chose our business name.

How do I best manage subcontractors?

Create a regular rhythm or cadence of short check-in meetings.


Nurturing your relationship with subcontractors and building trust will make remote work easier. If you can meet in person, do it!

Relationship before transaction

You can build trust remotely by making space for authentic sharing, appreciations, gratitudes.

Be clear with expectations around how and where you communicate, share documents, and generally work together.

How do I pick a business name?

List out the things that you do, what problems you solve, and what services you provide.

Use a DBA

“DBA” stands for “Doing Business As” which is a way to have a different trade name than your business name.

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